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Artist Statement

  • Music and chocolate keep spirits uplifted.
  • Muse and stupidity approach in the wee hours.
  • All the cards are held in my hand.
  • Playing with the game helps to shape the quality of my life.

Born and raised in Japan, the essence of Japanese ethics, aesthetics, and culture was imbedded in me before I recognized it. Based on these roots, I employ my discipline in woodworking to seek a place where traditions in craft resonate with others and the society. For me, working with wood embodies my lifestyle and way of thinking. Making three-dimensional objects using wood as the predominant medium has become a vehicle for me to express and communicate with others.

My work reflects my identity, experiences, and thoughts. Being a foreigner, I am fascinated by the sameness, or universality of human nature. Inevitably, my own experiences provide an intuitive resource. This oftentimes evokes themes or concepts, drawing me towards forms to depict in three dimensions. I play my cards. I strive to capture a theme embracing emotional entities in an abstract form. Then, I explore the possibilities in traditional woodworking to articulate it.


Installation Art